Indigenous/Aboriginal Law

Our firm has experience in dealing with the complex legal and social issues involved with Indigenous/Aboriginal Law.  We have developed a diverse practice respectful of the nuance required to advise Indigenous individuals and organizations, as well as non-indigenous clients on a number of topics relating to Aboriginal Law.

We provide our clients with legal services relating to, among other things, Aboriginal law, constitutional law, administrative law, employment law, and the Indian Act framed by transactions, litigation, mediation or negotiation strategies.

Our experience ranges from matters relating to Aboriginal Title litigation and the Duty to Consult and Accommodate, to governance, resource and business matters.

We can effectively assist you with:


  • Leasehold, land and mortgage transactions on Indian Reserve Lands
  • Estate drafting and administration for Status Indians on Reserve Lands
  • Review and appeal of applications for Indian Status
  • Family law issues on Indian Reserve lands
  • On Reserve Matrimonial Real Property matters


  • Advising on business relationships with First Nations stakeholders
  • Advising on the Duty to Consult and strength of claim
  • Strategic analysis and risk assessments
  • Impact Benefit Agreements, joint ventures and other commercial arrangements
  • Permitting and regulatory approvals

Organizations & First Nation Band Councils

  • Advising Band Councils on Reserve Land issues
  • Advising on internal policy development
  • Developing and advising on by-laws
  • By-law enforcement
  • Litigation, injunction applications and dispute resolution
  • Consultation protocols and memoranda of understanding (MOUs)
  • Impact Benefit Arrangements, joint ventures and other commercial arrangements
  • Advising on the Duty to Consult and strength of claim

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